Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Off for the Turkey Time

Well, folks ..... I'm about to head out for the airport to fly back out east, and still have yet to dig out the duffel bag .... GACK!!! In the meantime, however, I'd like to just wish you all a happy Turkey-Day, with lots of thanks offered for the stuff we have, before Friday shows up and we begin to obsess over the stuff we want but don't have yet.

Peaceful travels, and enjoy some tasty triptophan treats!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Well, it's done.

The "old blog" has been reposted. I forgot how entertaining some of my stuff was {not that I'm biased or anything} ... hopefully it will get me going once more. Of course, working on my kids with lectio, prepping them for their Advent Reflection Projects ..... with Advent sneaking up like this ..... maybe I'll start attempting more reflections of my own. In the meantime ..... have fun revisiting the past, if'n you choose.

Meanwhile, I'm going to attempt to catch up on grading & planning. Some things never change, eh?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thoughts on the Cross-Post

I've said various times what a struggle it's been, not having my old blog up-and-about for reference purposes, if nothing else. Today, while on wandering the woods on sophomore retreat with my girls, I decided that it had turned into some "dirty little secret", this past life that I had to keep locked away. My initial thought was to go back and strip out all identifying references, but then was wondering why even that would be necessary. The only person that might be presented in my blog would have been myself. So, I figured I'd just do a straight republish. I wrote up an apology/explanation (posted below) in case anyone got bothered by it, and put it up. I'm now somewhat torn ..... wanting to repost, but not wanting to seem all in-your-face with my changed decision about closing the blog. We'll see. Hopefully, this will help get me back on the track of reclaiming the voice that was lost almost two years ago. I miss all my BlogWorld friends.

The End of the Blog -- CROSSPOSTED


REMEMBER: All views and opinions posted on this blog are strictly that -- views and opinions of the author alone. Contents should not be seen as representative of anyone other than this single individual author.

A year and a half ago, I closed down this blog. It was a decision made for a variety of reasons, none of which seem necessary to go into at the moment. I shut down Narrow, cleared out the posts (saved them as drafts, actually), and got myself all set up in a new location. But blogging there was sporadic at best. Not that there was nothing to say, but I was unsure of how to go about it. I felt as though I had lost my voice. I worked so long and hard to develop it, to feel confident enough that YES, I had something to say and YES there were people who actually might be interested, to begin to feel the push to think more deeply than just a passing snark.

And then I wiped out the blog. The old one, the one where I made such developments.

And then I found myself faced with a dilemma.

How do I start from scratch, and ignore all that past history?

How do I write my thoughts on some event of the day, with no ability for new readers to visit the archives and see what it is that I was referring to?

I didn't really want to. I even wrote about it on the new blog, various times, as I tried so hard to dig myself out of the rut. I wanted to write, I wanted to think, to share, I wanted to reconnect with that whole blogging community that existed beyond my simple little apartment .... that community of folks with whom I had connected myself before so very-abruptly vanishing.

I missed my wider world of people. I missed the friends I now know in real life (and yet still only call by their blog names) .... in dropping out of the blog, I dropped out of their lives, and some even live right across town.

And yet ..... it seemed too hard. It seemed too hard, like too much work. I had fought so hard to break free of myself the first time around, I wasn't sure if I really wanted to go through that battle again.

I've fought, for a year and a half, to create my voice from scratch. It hasn't happened. I've tried to recreate the voice I discovered here in a brand new setting .... but with none of its old friends to offer comfort in a new place, the voice has refused to appear.

This blog is still closed. Comments are still closed. But this blog is no longer gone. The voice will live on, to be seen by those who wish to visit. And the voice will continue to grow, bloom, and develop (I hope!) over at the new place. No harm, disrespect, or offense is intended in this decision; only gratitude extended for the many and varied companions on this journey.

This road has been narrow, and continues to be thus. This road has taken many twists and turns and, I imagine, will continue to do thus. I hope that I may continue on undaunted, that I may never lose sight of God's mercy.

Clothed then with faith and the performance of good works, let us set out on this way, with the Gospel for our guide, that we may deserve to see him who has called us to his kingdom.

And may He who has begun this good work in us bring it to completion.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Interesting article in WaPo .... In the Words of My Speechwriter asks about taking someone else's words as your own, and why it's bad when it's called plagiarism but when it's good it's called speechwriting. It reminded me of earlier in the year, when Hillary was getting all snippy at Obama for using a friend's quote in one of his speeches; she made some comment about how, if we're going to argue about words, they should at least be our words. And yet, how many of any of these guys use their own words? I guess that's part of what bugs me about this whole political process ..... everyone will say whatever needs to be said, and none of it's gonna mean much of anything once there's a win.

It's not even like any of the words actually say anything about the candidate, either. Generally, it's more along the lines of "My opponent is such a scumbag so you must vote for me. True, I do bad stuff, but not NEARLY as bad as THEM!" Really ..... I'd like to actually choose a leader, rather than resort to the least offensive one left standing.

Or maybe I'm just sick and tired of the stupid Bruce Lunsford/Mitch McConnell crap that you can't go 2.5 minutes without seeing on Kentucky TV.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Unnamed Randomness

A few random tidbits since Kitty Doofy-Brain has decided (as usual) that the best place for her to curl up is right on top of my grade sheets. Granted, I did lie down on my bed so I could keep her lil' napping self company, but I would have been just as happy to be next to her .... not having her crawl under my chin and then climb her nine pounds into my shirt, via the head-hole! But at least she wasn't biting, so I suppose that's a plus .....

∂∂∂ I give these random little 5-point Daily Quizzes to my students that usually cover something from the class before. Last class there wasn't that much easy fodder for quick questions, so I asked what the name of the hurricane was that just swept through Louisiana. Student's Response: Hurricane Glucose

∂∂∂ Part of the lack of fodder comes from the fact that last class I had a random hodge-podge of activities for them to do to help them realize that the Bible was not dictated by God in 21st-century English. So I had them "translate" a spaceless paragraph in Greek letters back into English .... the next activity saw them getting English letters and spaces in exchange for vowels, so they figure out where the AEIOUYs had to go .... then they got all the vowels AND consonants in all the proper places with spaces inbetween the words --- but they were Middle-English-Canterbury-Tales words .... and so forth. Towards the end I asked them what the point of all this was and one student raised her hand: "Because you enjoy watching us get frustrated?" I replied no, that it was just an added bonus.

∂∂∂ Disclaimer of the Year Award (or at least of the Day) .... On a household bathroom window: Insect Screens are intended to provide reasonable insect control and are not for the purpose of providing security or to provide for the retention of objects or persons from the interior.

∂∂∂ I built a beautiful fencing target about a month ago. After fencing in the Bluegrass State Games, wherein I came in last and got a medal anyway (gotta love that there were only seven foilists there!), I decided that I was gonna bust my chops for these two tournaments at the beginning of September. So I concocted a nice little target to mount on my wall and some ideas for some drillwork and conditioning ..... and have yet to do any of it. And now my tournament is a mere three days away!!!

∂∂∂ Nun-thing still there .... sort of. The new community is kind of in-between vocation directors right now, so I've got that excuse, but it's not a very good one. The new vocation director, however, I had met a couple times way back on my first time around, so perhaps that might make a difference. Not sure, though .... there's a part of me that feels a little of the "been there, done that, do I really want to start from scratch again?" So we'll see ......

And on the political sphere ...... I'm not big on McCain, but you kinda gotta feel sorry for the guy. First a hurricane blows through and completely overshadows both his pick for VP as well as the start of his convention, then all the stuff starts flying about the daughter of the VP choice. All sorts of commentaries are going on about various aspects of Governor Palin, so I'm not even going to go there about Alaska being near Russia or the fact that her teenage daughter did what so many teenage daughters do. What amazes me, though, is the fact that, while we hear so much about her daughter having a child, we don't hear anything about Palin's child. She has a five-month-old child with special needs. I know all the stuff about working mothers and fathers raising the children, but I still gotta wonder how it would actually work.

I also feel bad for Alaska. It's such an overlooked state, except for when we want more oil, and this would have been such a great way to bring it into the spotlight. Unfortunately, this is not the best PR spotlight for our friends up way-north. Needless to say, I also feel bad for Bristol Palin and the boyfriend ..... just messiness all around.

And, on the note of messiness all around, I leave you with my final thought and hope for you: May your pet elephant never develop a peanut allergy.

Friday, July 25, 2008

How Appropriate!!!

Friday Five: What You Absolutely, Positively, Can't Leave Home Without
We will be at a chaplain's convention when you all are answering the Friday Five Questions. I'll look forward to reading your answers next week when I get home. At the moment we are trying to get the car loaded so we can hit the road, so this will be a simple F.F. This running around madly in order to leave has me wondering: what are the five things you simply must have when you are away from home? And why? Any history or goofy things, or stories?

I say "How Appropriate" because I myself am away, and I myself had the frenzied moments of getting everything pulled together before hitting the airport {along with the list of online stuff like bills to tend to once I'm mooching my parents' computer!}. This current excursion involves a couple days at my parents' house in the DC area before heading off with them and the 82,000 siblings, siblings-in-law, & nieces/nephews to the Delaware beaches for a week {purely coincidental timing .... had no idea .... quite upset that I have to go along with them .....}. Thusly, this trip is a little different than others, in that I know I can mooch off fambly for stuff .... but, it provides a framework!

Basic and most honest answer to what I feel I must have and therefore try to pack: WAAAAYYYY more than necessary. Even this time, I tried to do better, but .... ummmm .....

But, in no particular order .... some things currently with me and others not ....
1. Journal ~ Comes with me, everywhere in fact (even in my schoolbag), yet rarely gets opened. Hmmmm. It's kinda like all those blog posts I've been creating in my head over this past year — and yet, if you look back at my archives .....
2. Stuffed animal ~ Some, often small, variety of furriness. Not really sure why {maybe because I still sleep with my big teddy bear}, but there's always something tucked into a backpack pocket.
3. Camera ~ Old-school all-manual Pentax K1000, with a favorite lens of a 75-300 mm zoom. I'm all official-looking, what with my photo vest with 82,000 pockets {ok, so maybe it's more dork-looking, but whatever}. Unfortunately, I've gotten out of the photog-thing, and really need to get back into it .... but, if you think about the concept of inertia .... well, it seems to just travel so cozily in its little case that it never even emerges. Didn't even come with me this time, although a smaller point-and-shoot {SIGH!} digital did. So, we'll see. But you can't do photography with a point-and-shoot. Take pictures, yes. Create a shot, not quite. Yes, I admit it, I'm a camera snob!
4. Books ~ Again, generally far more than necessary. Tried to do better this time, though. And, with it being beach time, there's a good chance they might actually get opened. Generally, too, I'd bring some semi-holyish book that I end up not even pulling out of the bag because of company or whatever, so I didn't even bother with those this time. We'll see the progress and/or success/failure of the current journey's book selection. {Though I DID get more than halfway through one just on the plane!}
5. Tunesy & Palmy ~ Palmy's especially great with its WiFi abilities .... and will be even greater once I ever achieve my goal of figuring out the best way to configure it so that it will really help me get all organized and orchestrated. {Because, of course, it has to be perfectly set up, with no changes as time passes!} But it will happen. Maybe I can brainstorm it while on the beach.....

So, that's my off-the-top-of-the-head list. And yes, you may have noticed an absence of things like underwear and toothbrushes, but ..... well ..... that should give you a sense of my priorities, no?

Peace out .... I'll eat some ice cream & fries for you!

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Steph by any other name ....

I figured this might be an easier one to manage, provided that I can use my former {sniff} blog for most of the answers .....

1a. So how did you come up with your blogging name?
Well, coming up with my blogging name required a good deal of work and effort, and at the same time, a good bit of spontaneity. You see, as of approximately thirty-five years ago exactly, the blogging names in the works were Cecilia and some other currently-escaping-the-brain possibility. However, as of thirty-five-years-minus-three-months-and-eleven-days {give or take .... it's summer, my brain can't handle math!}, an unknown was pulled in from the minor leagues, and thus the Stephanie was created.

However, in the previous now-swimming-with-the-fishies blog {can I say "sniff" again?}, I did often claim for myself the title of "The Reluctant Nun" that was bestowed upon me by ellipsis. Who knows, though ..... as I begin to re-emerge into the BlogO'World, perhaps I'll create something new. But, as with trail names, I feel that it's something that will need to evolve and develop, rather than a quick grab-bag choice.

1b. And/or the name of your blog?
Old blog: Narrow at the Outset, at Rationale came in the first post, which I'll copy/paste at the end of this.
New blog: An Unseen Hope. Some commented early on that it actually looks like "A Nun Seein' Hope", which I suppose could also be appropriate, but I'm not going to look at that piece right now. It actually comes from Romans 8:18-27, with the naming verse up there under the title. The whole idea of hoping in that which is not seen has really resonated with me over the last couple years, and especially considering all the challenges of this new-life-in-transition .... well, it seemed kind of appropriate. So, I tried all sorts of variations until Blogspot told me that I had its permission to use "anunseenhope" .... and here it is.

2. Are there any code names or secret identities in your blog? Any stories there?
This one's really too new for any of that .... The Roommate should be pretty self-explanatory, and ACertainLittlePumpkinhead actually isn't code either -- the real name is Sophia Pumpkinhead. Madame Sophia Pumpkinhead when I'm feeling official. And no, she's not orange. {Great story .... kids first semester knew all about her, because she was a not-even-five-week-old kitten found under the assistant principal's car right before school started. Second semester I used her in a PowerPoint early on -- new kids would ask the name and then get confused. In one class, though, someone asked "Is that Whiskerface?"; a classmate turned with an expression of utter "How stupid can you be?" and said, "No, it's Sophia Pumpkinhead." As if SP was a more normal, explainable, and understandable title. I DID like the idea of Whiskerface, though....}

Main one I can think of from the old blog was The Dude of Bigness, courtesy of eb, in reference to The Man Upstairs.

3. What are some blog titles that you just love? For their cleverness, drama, or sheer, crazy fun?
Well, I would have to say right off the bat: Narrow at the Outset and An Unseen Hope. Other than that, though, I've so woefully neglected the BlogWorld out of guilt for my own absence {I don't feel it right to read other people's blogs if I'm not allowing them to return the favor} that I feel I must abstain. At least at the moment, anyway. Perhaps I'll come back to this later ...

4. What three blogs are you devoted to? Other than the RevGalBlogPals blog, of course!
Ummmm, well ...... see number 3. Lots I was devoted to, lots of connections that I kinda miss at times, but don't feel I can count them as "devoted" {devotees? devoters?} if it's only been in my head.

5. Who introduced you to the world of blogging and why?
I think the one that gave me the biggest push was SusanRose. Seeing her write her discernment journey made me wish there had been something like that when I was discerning {more in the if-I-ever-finish Story of a Vocation}. While I wasn't in those most-initial processes at that point, I could at least give a window into the world of a new kid in religious life. Plus, it helped promote my community, share what life in our modern-day monastery looked like, and helped dispel whatever nun-myths might be out there. All things in which I hope I was successful.

Bonus question: Have you ever met any of your blogging friends? Where are some of the places you've met these fun folks?
Natty ~ Came to the monastery for a Benedictine Life Weekend back in October 2005.
SisterChrister ~ Met up for breakfast when visiting my brother in July 2007.
LoremIpsum ~ Went to dinner and a movie in February 2006 and then a few other meet-ups. Yet another woeful absence, this one all-the-sadder because she's right here in town. {I'll rectify it, I promise! I'm just not sure I have your info anymore.} By the same token, though, I only know her by her BlogName. I mean, I know her real name; I just can't associate her real name with her. She'll always be Lorem in my mind.
Sophie'sDaughter ~ December 2007, March and June 2008, at various RSCJ discernment things.

Plus, there are other folks I know who blog, but I knew them before the blogs started, so I'm not sure if that really counts. And I'm really hoping I didn't forget anyone, but am hoping that you'll (a)remind me and (b)forgive me.

Narrow at the Outset

Cross-posted from previous blog, August 22, 2005:
Therefore we intend to establish a school for the Lord's service. In drawing up its regulations, we hope to set down nothing harsh, nothing burdensome. The good of all concerned, however, may prompt us to a little strictness in order to amend faults and to safeguard love. Do not be daunted immediately by fear and run away from the road that leads to salvation. It is bound to be narrow at the outset. But as we progress in this way of life and in faith, we shall run on the path of God's commandments, our hearts overflowing with the inexpressible delight of love.
~ from the Prologue of the Rule of Benedict

A little over a year ago, I used the second part of this quote (beginning with "Do not be daunted") as part of the cover artwork for my first monastic profession. And now, as I think about blogging my Benedictine experience, that one part in particular keeps coming to mind. Not that I'm a complete newbie -- I've been in community three years now. But, at the same time, I'm just beginning the mix of full-time ministry and smaller community life (away from the monastery). So, in some respects, I am just beginning once more.

But that's one of the things I love about Benedict. He doesn't expect perfection. He acknowledges that it might be a little tough in the beginning .... "but hang in there." For me at least, that's a whole lot more encouraging than the images of holy perfection floating on clouds.

"Sure, it'll be tough, but if you can just stick it out ...."

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Question about women's ordination

Watching "Bless Me, Father" from the library while sorting through random boxes of WAAAAYYY old stuff ..... great logic to remember for school, though I'd probably get in trouble to bring it up in the classroom:

Can I ask you another question, Father?
Provided it is about the Mass, Mrs. Rawlings.
Alright ... why can't women say Mass?
The Church doesn't ordain women as priests.
But why not?
Well ... ah ... our Lord himself only chose men priests.
But he only chose Jews, didn't he?
[stops to think] So?
Are you Jewish?
I'm thinking about it.

Maybe THEN my kids'd catch on to the idea that Jesus was Jewish, and that his message was not controversial because it taught this new-fangled idea of a single God.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Three Tiny Thoughts Before Bed

¤ One week of class down, and already WAY behind. Sigh. {Some things never change ...}
¤ 60 Amish have moved from Wisconsin and New York to southern Indiana. The name of their new Crawford County hometown? English. {And I thought they moved to get away from the English ...}
¤ After tomorrow I'll have a real shot of me looking like this, after my first-ever fencing tournament in Cincinnati. {Granted, I have yet to purchase real gear of my own, so I won't look fully official, but still ...}

Yay for sharp stabby pointy things!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Assignment #1

"This is how you are to pray: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name." How does your image of God affect how you approach God in prayer?

And herein lies a major reason for the taking of this course – the grappling with technicalities. After all, God is big, broad, abstract; uncontainable in any single word, concept, or image; so far beyond anything that we can imagine; powerful and knowledgeable beyond that which the mind can grasp. How does one put human words to that?

And yet, if one has no concept as to who is being addressed, then how does one even know there is an “other” being addressed? What makes words randomly cast out into the vast unknown any different than words directed to a vast unknown? Does the mere mention of a name render that distinction? I can’t imagine so. After all, if I’m sitting in my room by myself and I suddenly call out “Gretchen”, my college roommate does not suddenly materialize before me, nor is she even aware of what I’ve said after her name. Likewise, if God is always there, simply saying the word doesn’t change his presence or status. Besides, isn’t God always listening?

And God IS always present, God IS always listening. My requesting some ears doesn’t make them any more present than my not saying anything leads to their absence. Nor does my following “God” with some announcement of the latest student antics tell him anything he didn’t know before. It’s like telling someone to drive safe – “Oh, I hadn’t even thought of that. I was actually contemplating getting into a three-car pile-up, but since you’ve put it that way…” – my asking God to take care of someone doesn’t suggest anything brilliantly new.

There’s the old line about how “Prayer doesn’t change God, it changes us” … which then would lead to the question of what makes prayer different than thoughts; what makes talking to God different than talking to oneself; what makes the distinction between God “responding” and one’s own thoughts.

In terms of an image of God … I have this photograph I took in Appalachia a few years back, of the sun setting over the mountain lake. The sun is not directly visible, and yet it is obvious that the sun is there, from both the rays and the reflection. I had a student once say that “God is like a puzzle, but we can’t tell what the picture is because we all are the pieces.” Neither image lends itself to a conversational target, and yet both speak to an incontestable entity permeating throughout all aspects of life.

The absence of words does not imply an absence of spirit, nor does an absence of comprehension imply an absence of faith. I often think that “persistence has got to count for something”, that it’s the attempt that counts; yet, oftentimes, the attempt gets negated and dismissed as “just words”. A struggle that occasionally disappears into the woodwork, but more often inspires a self-proclaimed attitude of fakerness and hypocrisy.

And so I enter into this course: an attempt to return the self-imposed hypocrisy to the woodwork, and to infuse the sense of innocence back into my spirit.

To quote Madeleine L’Engle: Who is this creator to whom I cry out, “Help!” How can I believe in a God who cares about individual lives on one small and unimportant planet? I don’t know. I just don’t know. But I cannot turn away from the hope and the mystery which can never be understood. I know only that when I cry out, “Help!” the fact that I am crying out affirms that somewhere in some part of me I hope that there is someone who hears, who cares. The One I cry out to is not limited by size or number, and can be glimpsed only in metaphor, that chief tool off imagery of the poet. And it is only in the high language of poetry that anything can be said about God.

And so I try … if nothing else, to remind myself not to turn away from the hope, even if the mystery seems too great. And thus I enter this new round of study.

Back to the Homework Grind ... and, perhaps, the Blog?

OK, so I'm taking an online course through Dayton's Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation. A couple years ago I tried the Social Justice course but, true to slacker form, didn't finish it. Of course, I think I deserve a little credit for the fact that I didn't know there was some big ol' project to finish it out. Plus, I was in the middle of community craziness and all sorts of other excuses that I could concoct. Unfortunately, when Slacker Me missed the registration deadline of last Wednesday & emailed to see if I could still do it, the lady looked me up and let me know my registration info from before. Dagnabbit! I was hoping to create a new account, rather than having this "Did Not Finish" on my permanent record. It doesn't help that my account name is "sayosb" --- how's that for an in-your-face ever time I log in?

Regardless .... at some point last week my brain got away from me, and I foolishly signed myself up for Introduction to Prayer (As in all relationships, communication is vital to its sustained growth. Prayer is the means by which God and we communicate. In prayer, God invites us to a deepening and continuing relationship. At the same time, we express our thoughts, desires and needs. Prayer guides us in our everyday lives and helps us to foster an abiding relationship with the One who loves us beyond all others. This course introduces the participants to the rich tradition and experience of prayer that will enable them to continually grow in the way in which God and we communicate.) As I said, I'm not quite sure what my fingers were smoking, but I can say that my roommate is quite gleeful in her gloating that I'm actually attempting taking this course.

So, at her brainwashing suggestion, I will possibly be posting my work on both the course website and on here, with the ultimate intent that this will get me back into the long-desired BlogWorld.

Quite honestly, part of my absence from the blog has been the fact that my previous blog had to "disappear" in an organized-crime kind of way. This whole thing of having to recreate myself once more is not the most exciting, and considering that I still think that there's a lot of value to that which I typed in previous years, I'm kinda ticked that it all had to disapparate. Needless to say, rather than deleting everything, I did a "Save Post As Draft" so _I_ still have access to them, but that doesn't help people who come to my blog. But cross-posting them here doesn't really necessarily make sense either, given the changes in life circumstances.

But, I'm digressing. Suffice it to say that I don't like that my blog-personality has to begin again from scratch, and that's made me reluctant to jump those hoops again. At the same time, I miss all my bloggy connections, and want to get back that virtual community that I liked so much.

So ..... here's my schoolwork as I do it. Interspersed within it, hopefully, will be new postings and thoughts as well. Please just understand that this is not my norm, that these homeworks are reaching FAR beyond my comfort zone. But the way I figure it ...... I now have added motivation to post stuff apart from classwork, so that maybe this P-Word stuff can get lost in the shuffle.

It's a nice thought, anyway.....

And, yes, now that I'm blogging, I'll make this little place a bit more home-y .... hang some links up in the sidebar, readjust the colors, etc. Kinda stinky --- I had just gotten my HTML skillz down pat and Blogger had to change their coding. Just another speed-hump on my road to Blog-covery .....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Does anyone else think this is odd?

Secret Service: No guns allowed at NRA event with John McCain

So ..... this is an event that's advertised on billboards all over here in Loovul, the national NRA convention with "Acres of Guns and Gear" .... but no guns will be allowed when McCain comes to talk? Are they going to clear out all the sales tables? And isn't this the same group that insists that guns are safe and can be trusted ..... and yet they have no problem having guns be banned? [We just saw on the morning news the NRA lady talking about how they are all law-abiding people and they fully support this ruling.]

Summary: Guns are good, gun-owners are safe, but no guns will be allowed at the gun-owning convention because something bad might happen. I guess they're afraid of a bad person sneaking in with a gun ......

Monday, May 12, 2008

You Make A Very Good Point

Question posed by the roommate while watching the local morning news show:

Why can we raise the price of stamps and the price of gas but not raise minimum wage? How can we think that people can live off $5.15 an hour when gas is $4.00 a gallon?

Took me a minute to process that the gas tank needs multiple $4.00 deposits to fill it up.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bluff the Listener

In honor of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me's game of finding the real news story among some not-so-real ones, I present some headlines for your consideration:

»»» An epilepsy web forum was bombarded with multitudes of little flashing animations --- all the better to seize you with, my dear.

»»» In honor of the 100th anniversary of Mother's Day, House Republicans asked for an individual vote on H Res 1113 "so their mothers could be proud of their children's support" --- and then proceeded to vote unanimously against the Republican-sponsored annual matriarchal honor.

»»» Symbolic comparisons have been drawn between the fate of Kentucky Derby runner-up Eight Belles and her supporter Hilary Clinton --- and this was before Tuesday's primaries.

»»» President Bush promised $770 million in international food aid, beginning in October -- $50 million less than is spent on two days of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Awww, heck .... who am I kidding? Like I could make up anything better?!?!?

Friday, April 4, 2008

I Saved Killed Three People Today

I tried, but .... the little droppy was too floaty! :-(

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Anyone seen some filled speech-bubbles lying around?

I see to have misplaced mine .....