Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bluff the Listener

In honor of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me's game of finding the real news story among some not-so-real ones, I present some headlines for your consideration:

»»» An epilepsy web forum was bombarded with multitudes of little flashing animations --- all the better to seize you with, my dear.

»»» In honor of the 100th anniversary of Mother's Day, House Republicans asked for an individual vote on H Res 1113 "so their mothers could be proud of their children's support" --- and then proceeded to vote unanimously against the Republican-sponsored annual matriarchal honor.

»»» Symbolic comparisons have been drawn between the fate of Kentucky Derby runner-up Eight Belles and her supporter Hilary Clinton --- and this was before Tuesday's primaries.

»»» President Bush promised $770 million in international food aid, beginning in October -- $50 million less than is spent on two days of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Awww, heck .... who am I kidding? Like I could make up anything better?!?!?


Garpu the Fork said...

I'm guessing the epilepsy forum. That sounds like something some person with too much time would do. Then again I've been stuck in a lisp compiler all week.

Steph said...

Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with anything that would rival any of these all-real stories. Sadly enough, the forum was the first story that caught my attention this week.