Friday, May 16, 2008

Does anyone else think this is odd?

Secret Service: No guns allowed at NRA event with John McCain

So ..... this is an event that's advertised on billboards all over here in Loovul, the national NRA convention with "Acres of Guns and Gear" .... but no guns will be allowed when McCain comes to talk? Are they going to clear out all the sales tables? And isn't this the same group that insists that guns are safe and can be trusted ..... and yet they have no problem having guns be banned? [We just saw on the morning news the NRA lady talking about how they are all law-abiding people and they fully support this ruling.]

Summary: Guns are good, gun-owners are safe, but no guns will be allowed at the gun-owning convention because something bad might happen. I guess they're afraid of a bad person sneaking in with a gun ......


lorem ipsum said...

Well, wouldn't THAT be ironic, right? Talk about a potential PR disaster were anything to happen to McCain. Besides, doesn't the NRA argue that carrying guns makes everyone safer? Wouldn't having concealed weapons on hand be like an extra security force, according to this logic?

I have a theory that no one has shot Bush (despite the worldwide hatred of him) because all the right-wing gun nuts are on his side.

(lorem again!)

Steph said...

Oh, see ..... now _I_ thought Cheney was the one protecting Bush --- no one wants him in charge.

In terms of the NRA argument, one of the three comments on the article this morning (can't find it now) was something about how the NRA convention should be the safest place and therefore the Secret Service should get the day off.