Monday, July 30, 2007

Minor Time-Out

Lots of travel on both coasts (brother in Northern California; family at Delaware beaches)

Moving and attempting to unpack and get settled

Getting new computer but not getting it set up yet

Lots of busy-business like cell phones & license plates

Avoiding thoughts about school

AND, worst of all ...... not having the timeless time-sucker of internet, because neighbors decided to move and took their nonsecure wireless with them, leaving us with the dreaded dial-up. Having been spoiled for too long, I just couldn't bring myself to suffer through it.

Several future chapters of the Story of Vocation have been written on Palmy (pda) on the flights, but have not been able to get them posted (did I mention no internet?) but they'll come soon.

CURSE YOU WI-FI PROTECTIONS!!!!! (Of course, once we get wireless, I guarantee it'll be protected .....)

So ..... sorry for the absence, but it's been much-needed downtime. More to come sooner rather than later, now that I have a mostly-put-together room and will be desperately in need of anti-school avoidance tactics!

At least I've got Panera .......