Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thoughts on the Cross-Post

I've said various times what a struggle it's been, not having my old blog up-and-about for reference purposes, if nothing else. Today, while on wandering the woods on sophomore retreat with my girls, I decided that it had turned into some "dirty little secret", this past life that I had to keep locked away. My initial thought was to go back and strip out all identifying references, but then was wondering why even that would be necessary. The only person that might be presented in my blog would have been myself. So, I figured I'd just do a straight republish. I wrote up an apology/explanation (posted below) in case anyone got bothered by it, and put it up. I'm now somewhat torn ..... wanting to repost, but not wanting to seem all in-your-face with my changed decision about closing the blog. We'll see. Hopefully, this will help get me back on the track of reclaiming the voice that was lost almost two years ago. I miss all my BlogWorld friends.


Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Sounds well thought out ... we do miss you in the blog-o-sphere!

the tentmaker said...

I do so miss you.

Lisa said...

I miss you, too, Steph. Whenever you are ready to voice, I am ready to hear and listen.