Thursday, July 17, 2008

Question about women's ordination

Watching "Bless Me, Father" from the library while sorting through random boxes of WAAAAYYY old stuff ..... great logic to remember for school, though I'd probably get in trouble to bring it up in the classroom:

Can I ask you another question, Father?
Provided it is about the Mass, Mrs. Rawlings.
Alright ... why can't women say Mass?
The Church doesn't ordain women as priests.
But why not?
Well ... ah ... our Lord himself only chose men priests.
But he only chose Jews, didn't he?
[stops to think] So?
Are you Jewish?
I'm thinking about it.

Maybe THEN my kids'd catch on to the idea that Jesus was Jewish, and that his message was not controversial because it taught this new-fangled idea of a single God.

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