Thursday, September 4, 2008

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Interesting article in WaPo .... In the Words of My Speechwriter asks about taking someone else's words as your own, and why it's bad when it's called plagiarism but when it's good it's called speechwriting. It reminded me of earlier in the year, when Hillary was getting all snippy at Obama for using a friend's quote in one of his speeches; she made some comment about how, if we're going to argue about words, they should at least be our words. And yet, how many of any of these guys use their own words? I guess that's part of what bugs me about this whole political process ..... everyone will say whatever needs to be said, and none of it's gonna mean much of anything once there's a win.

It's not even like any of the words actually say anything about the candidate, either. Generally, it's more along the lines of "My opponent is such a scumbag so you must vote for me. True, I do bad stuff, but not NEARLY as bad as THEM!" Really ..... I'd like to actually choose a leader, rather than resort to the least offensive one left standing.

Or maybe I'm just sick and tired of the stupid Bruce Lunsford/Mitch McConnell crap that you can't go 2.5 minutes without seeing on Kentucky TV.


the tentmaker said...

I agree with you on this. Political campaigns bore me. I get so tired of all the hype, both the 'Me-Me' talk and the dirt slung at the other side. Let's hurry and get to November so it will all be over and we can concentrate on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

St. Casserole said...

I agree. Didn't it dampen the words of Sarah Palin at the RNC when we knew her speech was a generic, written for whomever was the VP candidate, then "touched up" for her?

Reading invective written by someone else from a teleprompter means you'll say anything.