Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, New Beginnings

Much as I'm a film purist, an all-manual camera snob .... I got a digital SLR for Christmas. Now granted, it's not my trusty Pentax, nor does its basic 18-55mm lens even come close to my most-beloved 75-300mm zoom ..... it still has its good points. And much MUCH better for the good quick shots than my little digital Canon (though that one's good for the pocketability). {Need I mention I'm a bit of a photo geek?} Anyway, I'm still into the film thing, and, while there's a lot of expense in processing film, I don't see myself giving up my Pentax anytime soon. All that being said ..... I have, to some extent, given up my Pentax, in that I haven't done much shooting in QUITE a long time. My roommate's been chomping at the bit, trying to get me back into it, but it hasn't worked too well. But, now that there's not the film expense involved .....

Also, I've been intending {and been being nagged by the roommate as well} to get back onto the blog scene. Great option for that came as I was looking up who-knows-what on Google {ahh, Google -- world's greatest time-evaporator!} and discovered Project 365. I think I had heard of it before, but film made it not-very-feasible. But NOW, with the new toy ..... all things are possible. {Well, perhaps not ALL things, but .....}

So, thus I begin my very own Project365. The one site that they suggested as a good host unfortunately told me that they are not accepting new registrations until Monday, so I will have to wait until then to be official. In the meantime, though ..... that doesn't mean I can't start here, correct?

Thus, I present to you (back-datedly) .... my first three shots of the year!

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