Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1

Last week, while at home, for some reason I found myself all inspired for all these things I was going to do in the New Year. Not resolutions, really .... but every once in a while I get all gung-ho about new ideas for life. No surprise, I didn't write any of them at the time, but they rattled around my head for a week or so until I got on a plane Wednesday to fly back to Loovul, whereupon I wrote down those which I could remember, as well as new ones that those inspired. I don't think it's TOO overly-optimistic, and I think I did an OK job on trying to make things concrete and managable, but we'll see how it goes. {Click to zoom in} My biggest thing will be establishing a system to keep everything going AND to keep success visible .... I have good thoughts for this. And yes, blogging is there too --- and perhaps that will help with accountability!

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