Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wireless Once More

I caved a week ago, and spent my birthday afternoon (before heading off to fencing!) getting our apartment all wirelessly hooked-up. And yes, as mentioned before, it was immediately password-protected. I'm all about the double-standard!

So ...... hoping to re-hook-up on here. Though I'm finding Facebook to be a bit addictive as well .....

In the meantime, let me leave you with a simple parting wish ..... that your pet elephant not develop a peanut allergy!


Truth Seeker said...

Hey Steph,

Just as an FYI, I removed your previous blog from the SisterBloggers web ring. Do you want to include this on in the ring? (sayyessayyessayyes!!) Good! Then please go join the ring with this blog and add the code to your site and I'll plug ya in! ;)


Lisa said...

Hey, Steph, always good to hear you checking in. Looking forward to hearing you more regularly as your life permits. In the meantime, always be well and at peace :)